CAD Workstation

CAD Workstations &
3D Workstations

  ✔ CAD & CAE      ✔ 3D & Video  


CADnetwork Workstations are reliable, fast and quiet. Manage your CAD Projects, 3D Designs, Videoediting or Simulations with the best of Workstations



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Storage und NAS Systeme

Storage Server &
NAS Systems

  ✔ Desktop      ✔ Rack  


The StorageCube NAS-Server are specially designed for high performance access for digital artists and teams to critical project data and assets.



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Render server Renderfarm Render nodes

Renderserver & Rendernodes

  ✔ Desktop      ✔ Rack     ✔ CPU & GPU  


Build your own Renderfarm with CADnetwork RenderCubes. The Future of Rendering! Fancy. Modern. Fair.



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Deep Learning Systeme und GPU Computing mit NVIDIA Tesla

Deep Learning AI &
GPU Comuting

  ✔ NVIDIA Tesla / Quadro / GeForce  


We develop and deliver Server and Workstations with NVIDIA GPUs for Industry, Science and Education such as Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Simulations



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CAD Workstations, 3D Workstations, Renderserver
and Deep Learning Solutions for Tensorflow, Caffe, Theano and more


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